I am struck in the below said scenario wrt to whenever.

I have the code for whenever in my driver script. Whenever event might occur in one of the scripts called within the driver script.

As of now – event is coming up in one of the scripts- but it is not executing the code in script_whenever of driver script.

Driverscript has the following code

Sub Main()

Whenever "jac_whenever2"

Run "script1"

Run “script2”

Run”script3” ‘ actually whenever event may or may not occur in script1,script2, script3, when the event occurs – it is executing the code in script_whenever.

End Sub

Private Sub Script_Whenever(ByVal TheEvent As TPEvents.TEventGroup)

Select Case TheEvent.Name

Case "jac_whenever2"

' Put code here to handle the error prior to returning to the script

Pause 1

JavaWindow("Check spelling JavaWindow").Attach

Pause 1

Do While JavaWindow("Check spelling JavaWindow", tpAttachNoWait).Exists

Pause 1

JavaButton("Caption='Ignore All'").Click



Case Else

MsgBox "Unknown Event " & TheEvent.Name


End Select

End Sub

How to go about, let me know.