I'm trying this Code in TP 5.3..

I'm working out this Code with the help of Object Method.

I have this table Structure->

TABLEx ID="Container Table" border=0 rules=none cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0

TABLEx ID="AuditPeriods" height='100%' datafld=KEY_FIELDS_ROW dataSrc=#xmldb BGCOLOR="#C0C0C0" BORDER="0" CELLSPACING="1" CELLPADDING="2"
TRx height=20 CLASS="gridheader" THx ALIGN="center" Select THx
THx ALIGN="center"width=160 Audit Effective Date THx
THx ALIGN="center" width=160 Audit Expiration Date THx
THx ALIGN="center" width=85 nowrap Audit Type THx
THx ALIGN="center" width=115 Status THx

trx CLASS="gridRowOn"
tdx nowrap height=26
Selectx tabindex=0 onChangex="selectAudit this;" size=1
Optionx Value='' Option
Optionx Value='SEL' Select Option
Optionx Value='DLT' Delete Option
Optionx Value='PRT' Reprint Option

tdx nowrap align="center" height=26
INPUT tabindex=-1 datafld=KEY_AUDIT_EFFECTIVE_DATE style=flat style="border:none;" type='text' readonly=yes SIZE=10 MAXLENGTH=7 INPUT
tdx nowrap align="center" height=26
INPUT tabindex=-1 datafld=AUDIT_EXPIRATION_DATE style=flat style="border:none;" type='text' readonly=yes SIZE=10 MAXLENGTH=7 INPUT
tdx nowrap align="center" height=26
INPUT tabindex=-1 datafld=KEY_AUDIT_KIND_DESC style=flat style="border:none;" type='text' readonly=yes SIZE=7 MAXLENGTH=7 INPUT
tdx nowrap align="center" height=26
INPUT tabindex=-1 datafld=AUDIT_STATUS style=flat style="border:none;text-align=center;" TYPE=text readonly=yes SIZE=16 MAXLENGTH=7 INPUT

Please add the brackets before these tags as it doesn't allow me to add HTML tags for this query and remove x after the hypertext elemnts

If you look at this table structure you will find the TABLE ID="Container Table" and TABLE ID="AuditPeriods"...

I'm reading the values of TABLEx ID="AuditPeriods" one ... But if I try to put iRow=1 Icol=1, I got the blank Msgbox...As there is combobox but if I put iRow=1 and iCol=2, I intend to got some value (Audit Effective Date-:01/01/06) But the Msgbox is still blank or with no values....
What is the Reason ? why it is not reading the ComboBox, and HTML Edit Box which is there in table...

I'm able to read the Columns name with irows=0 iCol=0,icol=1,icol=2 etc......becoz these are table headings...

My intention is to read the second row cells values..Please help me out...

This is the Code I'm trying it out for Reading the values...

Dim iRow As Integer
Dim iCol As Integer
Dim cellText As String
iRow = 1 ' ask for this row and column
iCol = 1 ' counting from zero

Dim t As THTMLTablex

Window (Microsoft Internet Explorer Window).Attach

' Attach to Name=RightWindow
HTMLFramex (Name=RightWindow).Attach

Set t = HTMLTablex (ID=AuditPeriods) ' attach the running table -
' saveHTMLTablex ("Application=IEXPLORE.EXE ID=AutoNumber1") in a Test Partner Object.

' Define the MS HTML Object Model Interfaces that we want to use.
' Refer to Microsoft's MSDN help for definitions of these objects.
Dim htmlTableObjectx As IHTMLTablex
Dim htmlCollectionx As IHTMLElementCollectionx
Dim htmlRowx As IHTMLTableRowx
Dim htmlElementx As IHTMLElementx

' get the IDispatch from our Test Partner object and assign it to the
' MS HTMLx Object Model interface.
Set htmlTableObjectx = t.Object

' get the collection of rows.
Set htmlCollectionx = htmlTableObjectx.rows

' for a specific row in the rows collection
' get a row interface.
Set htmlRowx = htmlCollectionx.Item iRow ' get row number iRow

' from that row interface get a collection of all the columns.
Set htmlCollectionx = htmlRowx.cells

' get a specific element from that collection of columns ...
Set htmlElementx = htmlCollectionx.Item iCol

' ... and read the cell's text.
cellText = htmlElementx.InnerText

MsgBox cellText