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    Reading TestPartner Table

    Is there a way to read the TestPartner tables , or can we update the TP tables manually .

    Is there a way we can Move Table seperatly from one TP Database to another TP Database , the reason I am asking this is we can a scenerion where we have TP tables and User defined Tables in the same Database .

    If we have two environments say DEV Database and Production database and we need to move only some Tables from one Database to another , Can we do that ?

    Thanks for any comments/suggestions

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    Re: Reading TestPartner Table

    you can move data between databases in the (current) 5.4 release via the Import/Export feature.

    As for doing anything to the database/tables directly it is highly discouraged and doing so will void your technical support from Compuware. Furthermore, each new release of TP will do a schema update to the database. If you have modified the db, the upgrade may not work leaving you stuck in an old/non-supported version.



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