We just recently migrated/merged three separate MS-Access databases into a single SQL 2000 database, using the new Export/Import Wizard in TestPartner 5.4.0 Build 180.

Three xml files were created via the Export utility, by three different users (each of which have Administrator privileges on their respective databases). Each of these users asked the Export Wizard to “Export all assets as a single file”. These three xml files were then, in turn, Imported into our 5.4.0 SQL database by the Admin user, asking the Wizard to prompt for reconciliation of like-named assets. We did have a couple of assets that had to be renamed, but otherwise, Importing the three xml files appeared to go very smoothly. Overall, a very welcome feature of 5.4.0.

Problem: All the Attach Name Profiles imported from these three xml files ended up being visible only to the user that performed the Imports - Admin. I can't find any 5.4.0 documentation warning that Attach Name Profiles must be Exported and Imported by the user who created them.

So, when a user named Admin (logged into the SQL database) was allowed to Import "all" of the assets from each of the three xml files created by other users, all of the Attach Name Profiles, from all three XML files, ended up in Admin's possession. The users who originally created those Attach Name Profiles were not able to see them in the destination database.

Solution: Don’t use the “Export all assets as a single file option” if you intend to migrate Attach Name Profiles. You can easily select all other assets, while excluding Attach Name Profiles at the time of the Export. To move the Attach Name Profiles, Export each person's Attach Name Profiles while logged in as the user that created them, then log in as that same user at the destination database to perform the Import of Attach Name Profiles. This does NOT appear to be necessary for scripts, checks, and other User Assets. Those can all be Exported and Imported (for multiple users) by a single user (so far as I know, at this writing).

I'm not sure, but there may be other System Assets, like Record and Playback Options, that require the same handling as Attach Name Profiles.

When you consider that even with full access privileges to all projects, TestPartner users have never been able to see each others' Attach Name Profiles, it is somewhat reasonable that this problem exists, but the Export should be tagging each Attach Name Profile with the owner's user id that could then be honored during the Import. A benefit of all this is that Import/Export now gives us a way to share our Attach Name Profiles - by Exporting them as one user and importing them back in as another.

Here's hoping I haven't overlooked something obvious. If anyone can set me straight about something, please don't hesitate. I’m more interested in getting it right than being right.


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