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Thread: Hidden Objects

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    Hidden Objects

    Hi, I have an application with hidden objects Buttons and Edit-boxes. I can read the information from them using .Children function but HOW can I perform some actions with these objects, like click the button or settext in editbox??
    Could anybody help?

    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: Hidden Objects

    Why would you like to interact with hidden buttons and edit-boxes? I'm trying to understand the purpose of the test first...
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    Re: Hidden Objects

    Our Application has some controls (Grids) that are seen as GUIs for TestPartner and we are looking for the possibility to interract with these controls via standard windows controls. One idea was hidden controls but TestPartner seems can not perform actions with them. Another idea was - transparent controls, but user have also access though they are "invisible".

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    Re: Hidden Objects

    Is you control an activeX or .NET "plug" in control (.NET assembly)?

    If so... see "Extending .NET controls" in help.



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