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    Pause Before Attaching to Window

    The application I am testing has all screens available at all times. Only one screen is enabled at a time. Sometimes (it seems) TestPartner tries to attach to a window before it is actually enabled. This causes intermittant failures.

    How could I have TestPartner pause 3 seconds before attaching to certain windows?

    This ideally would be a one shot deal that would work for all scripts previously created as well as future scripts.


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    Re: Pause Before Attaching to Window

    Check out Tools~Options...
    Playback - Timing

    There are various options here that might help. Attach Delay looks like what you are looking for.

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    Re: Pause Before Attaching to Window

    I thought the same thing at first. But the attach delay is:

    "Sets or returns the time in milliseconds that TestPartner should wait once focus is set to a newly attached window before the next TestPartner window action activates."

    I'm looking for something that will wait before attaching to the window.

    Anything else come to mind?

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    Re: Pause Before Attaching to Window

    Sleep x

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    Re: Pause Before Attaching to Window

    Or Pause(x)

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    Re: Pause Before Attaching to Window

    Try adding a screen event at the point in the script just before attaching to the new window. Give the attach name of the screen you are waiting to attach to in the wizard. Then for 'Event text' capture some test from the window header and select the 'use window text' checkbox. You can alter the number of seconds in the generated code.



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