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    Text check not working as expected

    I am doing a text check, but when I compare on another computer it shows it as different. It looks like it is comparing the font, which I thought only the verification of the verbiage would be done. I searched this site, but found nothing to help. Is there a way to have the Text Check just verify the verbiage and disregard the look and spacing of the text. Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Text check not working as expected

    check the options on the check itself... validating font may be one of them.

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    Re: Text check not working as expected

    Unfortunately I don't see this as the issue. I know when I check the difference it will show the alignment is off by a line. I have a couple items excluded in the orignal text capture, but spacing seems to be throwing it off. Is there possibly a better way to verify only the text I want to compare exists the page. Thanks

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    Re: Text check not working as expected

    I prefer to avoid checks altogether and just use VB string functions to compare. Access the text directly from the object and do your own comparisons, then log them via a user check if you need it in the log.

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    Re: Text check not working as expected

    Thanks, I will give it a shot



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