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    Placement of buttons on webpages

    Based on the user input, HTMLButtons are placed at the bottom of the webpages. These Buttons are visible only when I scroll down. TP is unable to scroll down and perform actions on these Buttons, unless I introduce a long sleep before the HTMLButton.Click action.


    Is there a better way to handle objects that are dynamically placed out of visible area ?

    Though TP fails to perform the intended actions on these buttons, it simply continues to execute the later part of the script, why does this happen ? Any ideas/suggestions would help.
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    Re: Placement of buttons on webpages

    You could scroll down so that the buttons are visible by using. Place this just above the command where you click the button.

    HTMLBrowser("Caption='Application Name").Scroll 303, tpScrollVertical, 1200

    TP is just annoying that way. Takes longer to ask why than to work around it.

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    Re: Placement of buttons on webpages

    I have never seen TP have issues with this... especially since this was a big reason to go from QARun to TP when in a web environment.

    Anyway... change your click to .OBJECT.Click . The difference is that by default TP moves the mouse to an object and performs a click on it just as a user would. If you use HTMLButton().Object.Click you are calling the DOM method of click and the mouse does not have to go to the button.

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    Re: Placement of buttons on webpages

    I thought TP was able to view and react to commands eventhough the whole page may not be on screen

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    Re: Placement of buttons on webpages

    I have seen this happen before, but it should be able to find the object. In my opinion I would say it was a bug as TP should be using the DOM to find objects which is why it normally works.



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