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    TP Logging Custom Results into the Loop

    Hi Guys,

    I am looking for some kind of methods and properties to
    log the results into the TP Log.

    I have a situation where Ineed to log the results as "There are differences"/"There are NO differences"
    depending upon the variable value returned in a loop.

    I tried the following script but couldnt progress any further except that it posted two more lines in the log window
    but my comments are not posted in the description. ( screen shot attached in the below link )


    any suggestions and comments will be greatly appreciated.

    My Simple code to post my comments into the log

    Dim tl As TTestLog
    Set tl = TestLog()

    intAreDifferent = 1

    If intAreDifferent = 1 Then

    TestPartner.TestLog.Comment "There are NO differences"


    TestPartner.TestLog.Comment "There are differences"

    end if

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    Re: TP Logging Custom Results into the Loop

    In order to see comments, you need to show the column in the log called - Command Details.

    Based on your example, you might want to use the UserCheck. This is similar to log.comment, but allows you to send a pass/fail with comments as well.

    If intAreDifferent = 1 Then

    USerCheck "myCheckName",TRUE,"There are NO differences"


    USerCheck "myCheckName",FALSE,"There are differences, the value of intAreDifferent is: " & intAreDifferent

    end if

    // UserCheck comments are shown in the column Log Details which is not shown by default.



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