Hello Everybody,

I am working on a web based project. I am using Test partner 5.1.1 for automating the testing process.

Now i have to automate one module where the crystal reports are displayed on a web page. I want to automate this part. But i dont know how can we access the contents of crystal report on a web page.

I have used a small logic as follows:-

Dim GUIObject1 As TGUIObject
Set GUIObject1 = GUIObject("Application=IEXPLORE.EXE ClassName=ATL:60084960 Caption=''")
MsgBox (GUIObject1.CaptureText(GUIObject1.Left, GUIObject1.Top, GUIObject1.Width, GUIObject1.Height))

But i got some binary values out of it .

Can anybody suggest me some alternative for automating this step??

I have to validate thye contents of that report whether they are correct or not.

Please let me knwo if anybody has got the solution for this problem.