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    Run scripts on a remote computer

    I want to control the execution of TP scripts on different computers with a batch file (or some other scripting). To do this local I have to start TP with:

    tp -d TestPartner -u admin -p pwd -r Project -s MyScript

    Starting on a local machine works smooth. But how do I start TP on a remote computer out of a script (not a TP script!)?
    I tried it with the tool psExec.exe, but run into troubles I could not solve.

    psexec.exe \\computername -u user -p pwd [-i] tp -d TestPartner -u admin -p pwd -r Project -s MyScript

    I want a simple solution, which means, I do not want to install serversoftware on each computer, nor use QADirector. Can anyone help?


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    Re: Run scripts on a remote computer

    Hmmm.... tough one. I thought about NetMeeting by I think a net meeting msg needs to be accepted on the machine in order to gain access. Can your psexec.exe force a machine to reboot? If so you can have your tp bat file in the start-up folder. (there is a reg setting that causes a machine to automatically log in)

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    Re: Run scripts on a remote computer

    Good idea with the restart! There is a tool called psShutdown which can do such things.
    But I do not want to do restarts, since some machines are servers which should run without restarts, since some other long term stability tests are running on them.
    What I also tried was to start a batch file with psexec. The batch file worked, if I started it local, but started remotely if failed.

    Error Message:
    Login to data source 'TestPartner' with 'admin', 'pwd' failed!

    PS.: This tools are from

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    Re: Run scripts on a remote computer

    You should be able to use the AT scheduler to do this, but you have to keep in mind that there are certain permissions issues that you may run into if you are not an administrator.



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