I would like some recommendations or thoughts on how I could handle the automation project
I am going to have to implement in our department.

Our App is huge in terms of the number of fields that would have to be filled.

Our app needs many different functionalities tested but all in all only two different main routes exist in using the app

Route 1 and Route 2.

Both Routes are used in different functionalities of the business.

Now that I have explained What we have , I would like to tell you how I plan to automate them.

Scripts will be written screen wise and then data is parameterized to the database -either Excel,
MS Access,SQL server or Oracle.

each screen can be used in driver scripts and be driven by a database for each functionality.
This is so that if any changes in a screen is made by 'Development', we don't need to go in to every script and change code.

My Question is: Can I use the same scrip on different drivers at the same time to run on different databases (will databases have to be separate too?)?

Since I do not have the TP software yet so I could not test it.

Thanks for your input every one.