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    Text Check

    I am using Text Check to capture data from the report page of web-based application. This page has 4-5 HTMLtables and so much text inside it. I need to capture each table's data and validate the text. I inserted 4 text checks for 4 tables. Some of the tables are very big so that we need to scroll down the page to see all the information. The text check captures the text which ever is currently visible on the screen.
    Is there any way to insert a check which captures the entire text within that specified HTMLtable? I mean, inorder to run these 4 checks in a script I am recording the scroll actions also. Is there any way that the script automatically scrolls down and verifies that check? Please give me details.

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    Re: Text Check

    Is there not an innerText property that you can check?


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    Re: Text Check

    You can Check HTMLTables using the Content Check, but I know it can get confused when you have embedded tables as it sounds you do. I know mrTechguy has put out a Utility to help deal with checking tables, you may want to check it out if you have not already.




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