Hi all,
Just wanted to know if it is possible to know which event was triggered in a TEventGroup when using the wait function.

For example:

Dim monitor As TEventGroup

Set monitor = CreateTEventGroup("MyEventGroup")

Dim condition_1 As TScreenEvent
Dim condition_2 As TScreenEvent

Set condition_1 = ScreenEvent("ScreenEvent_1")
Set condition_2 = ScreenEvent("ScreenEvent_2")

**Then build your two different ScreenEvents... **

monitor.AddCondition condition_1
monitor.AddCondition condition_2

**Do something to trigger events **

If monitor.Wait(30, , tpWaitSeconds) Then
***NOW HOW CAN I DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN condition_1 & condition_2 ???? ***

I know I can use the whenever statement with different EventGroups but would rather use the Wait statement. Is it possible?
Any help on this would be much appreciated.