Some of you may already know, while others new to this group may not know, that I have develooped and placed a number of freeware utilities and components in the TP User Group In case you have not visited the TP User Group recently or are new to this group, the following is the current list of the utilities and components available for download.

Command Builder v1.1.3
Utility to help generate TestPartner commands and VBA code. This release includes support for SnapShot commands which allow the top-most (active application) windows, Desktop, and Screen areas to be captured and saved in a Word document, file, or Clipboard. Also, includes documentation for the TPHelperCommands ActiveX component.

Cross Reference Utility v1.1.3
Utility to create a cross reference list of TestPartner Assets.

Database Cleanup Utility v1.0.7
Utility to identify and cleanup TP databases. Utility will identify Assets that have more than a specified number of versions, Log assets that do have an ‘owner’ script, and assets that are unreferenced.

Export TP Assets v1.2.2
Utility to export TestPartner source based Assets to text files.

Global Find Utility v1.0.3
Utility to search multiple source asset types (Script, Module, Shared Module, Class Module, or UserForm) for a specific string.

HTML Table Helper v1.1.10
Component to assist script developers to easily navigate through HTML tables on a Web page plus capture data in the HTML table cells into a database, Excel Workbook, or CSV file. Includes the ability to extract the attribute of any cell in the HTML table plus an Analyzer program that graphically displays a base HTMl table and all of its inner-HTML tables.

Hope you find one or more of these utilities and components useful!

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