Hello all…

As a very active portion of the TestPartner user community, we are looking for your feedback as to your current opinions of TestPartner, and what features you would like to see in the product moving forward. If you care to contribute, please use the outline below, and SEND your comments to this email address: tpcmdbuildersupport@compuware.com (PLEASE do not respond to this message directly for competition reasons) Thx!

Top 3 likes about TP:

Top 3 dislikes about TP:

Pros/Cons of TP in the App environment you test in: (Web, Java, VB)

Regarding the listed existing features, what concepts/features would you like to change:

Documentation (format, media, distribution)
Data Driven Testing (Verbalize during record, post record, Spreadsheet, “Keyword Testing”)
Logging (Detail Level, Visual results)
Visual Navigator (Is one necessary?)
Repository (Likes and dislikes of the current architecture)
Error handling (Wizard, Screenshots, “On Error” and TError is sufficient)

Please use the email subject – TestPartner Feedback: QAForums
Again, thank you for using the email reply only.

Thank you,
TestPartner Team