Hey Everyone....

I have been using script like the example below to navigate through HTML pages. It works well, but I was wondering if anyone was using anything else. Any success with the Class Module examples in the Sample Scripts Folder?

Paste this in TP and play......

' Attach to Caption='QA Forums: TestPartner - Microsoft Internet Explorer
Window("Caption='QA Forums: TestPartner - Microsoft Internet*'").Attach

' Attach to Caption='QA Forums: TestPartner'
HTMLBrowser("Caption='QA Forums: TestPartner'").Attach

theID = HTMLTD("InnerText='Click not always executed!'").ElementID
theID = (theID + 3) ' move 3 ID locations to the right
theUser = HTMLTD("ElementID=" & theID & "").InnerText

MsgBox "The message," & HTMLTD("InnerText='Click not always executed!'").InnerText & " was written by " & theUser