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    Database Sizing and Planning

    Hello all...

    Looking for some feedback as to the size of typical repositories. I am guessing that the type of asset will affect this greatly (Bitmap checks for example), but for capacity planning I am looking for a general formula like....

    300 total scripts (avg 10 versions for each), 100 total Objects, 50 total checks/events
    = SQL Server at 50 mb


    500 total scripts (avg 20 versions for each), 100 Total objects, 50 total checks/events
    = 3 Access Repositories at 20mb each

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Database Sizing and Planning

    We only have the BVT level scripts done, there is 200 scripts (plus some 10-15 test scripts), 130 classes, 4 modules and 1335 Object maps. We don't keep any testpartner logs (log externally) and there are no checks done either (done externally), although there are various screen events configured. We do not keep any of the versioning stuff, it's pretty useless to us, we make a complete copy of the db for each major release as the object maps can change from one release to the next as well as some of the functionality.

    The Access database was about 10 mb after compact and repairing and removal of all the useless versioning (otherwise about 20-25 mb). I'm not sure about after we converted to SQL Server.


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    Re: Database Sizing and Planning

    I posted a reply to this in the QARun section but it should apply to TestPartner as well.



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