I've noticed with regards to the UserCheck Command, that there are two lines, one for the result of the usercheck, and one for the command itself. However, on looking at it in a bit more detail, I noticed that the line pertaining to the result, does not display the comment paramter passed to the usercheck function, but instead is displayed in the second line for the usercheck, which always displays the result as pass. This can be very misleading, and personally would not like to see it like this. Also, shouldn't the outcome of the Usercheck i.e. Pass or Fail, result in the whole test being flagged with the same result. e.g. when a usercheck is logged as failed it does not flag the overall test result as failed. ( TP's predecessor QARun, ensured that this occurred, and if it is a known issue, then is it going to be fixed in the delayed release of 5.1, of which I've heard will be 12th August, but I'll believe it when I see it)