I have a script that captures the text in a DotNETTreeView Object using the TextSelect method. It looks like this:

Set ExportList = DotNETTreeView("Name=trvSchemes", tpAttachNoWait)

ExportList.TextSelect ObjItem

Sleep 2

ExportList.Type " " 'selects checkbox via keyboard (space bar)

Suppose I have a list of items like this:

Apple / Banana

Apple / Banana / Cherry

And my ObjItem is set to "Apple / Banana". The script should select "Apple / Banana" and enable the checkbox next to it (as noted above). However, it selected "Apple / Banana / Cherry", which is incorrect.

Two questions:

1. How do I ensure I select the proper item from this script?

2. Is there a way to display the string/text that was actually selected (e.g., Property of TDotNETTreeview)?

Please advise. Any information would be very helpful. Thank you.