Is anyone else having problems compiling via the command line? I am using the method as per below but testpartner is picking up the applications as shockwave.

"Compile the automation libraries and automation agent into your application either by using the command line compiler or in the Flex Builder. Both methods are described below.

Command Line: From a command line, use the include-libraries command-line compiler option to include TestPartner's Flex automation agent and the Flex automation libraries (automation.swc, automation_agent.swc). You must also specify the project files and output directory in which to compile the project. For example:

mxmlc -include-libraries+=..\frameworks\libs\automation.swc;..\fr ameworks\libs\automation_agent.swc;
..\TPFlexAgent.swc Myflextestapp.mxml -output C:\FlexProj\bin-debug\Myflextestapp.swf"