My name is Sunil. I have a query regarding Test Partner. Below is my query:

I have a Build machine and Server machine and both are on different machines. Build machine has Hudson/Maven, which take care of creation/deployment of the build in the Server machine.

The task I have to do is:

As soon as the build gets deployed in the Server machine, I want the Test Partner to get notified and execute the Test Scripts automatically. The Test Partner is on different machine. Is there any way to notify the Test Partner remotely? As per my requirement, Test Partner SHOULD NOT be on either Build machine/Server machine.

I have tried using a batch file. I can able to invoke the Test Partner, which is there in my machine from remote machine(which also has Test Partner on it). But, I couldn’t able to run it from remote machine, which has no Test Partner on it.

Is there any command to invoke the Test Partner from a remote machine, which has no Test Partner on it...?

Can you please suggest me a good solution…?