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    Creating Batch Files

    Hi ,

    I am a newbie to TestPartner . I have created a script successfully . Now i want to schedule that .Can anybody please guide me in creating the batch files and scheduling the scripts .

    Secondly i also require to mail the bath results .Is there any process by which that could be performed .Mail should reach the receipents , as soon the batch run is over .

    Regards ,
    Arun C

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    Re: Creating Batch Files

    1. TestPartner provides a command line (TP.exe) utility using which you can execute scripts from command line. (See TestPartner help or previous posts for more help)
    2. Open notepad and enter command line statements to initiate the execution.
    3. To send e-mail you can use Outlook object library.

    All these were discussed several times. If you search in forum you will find solutions with code.

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    Re: Creating Batch Files

    Suraj ,

    I can understand now , i tried it also .Thanks .

    But regarding " Outlook object library " i am not sure still . I m not able to fetch that thread too .Please highlight that thread .. that could ge Gr8 instead .

    Thanks .

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    Re: Creating Batch Files




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