Im running a pretty simple script checking for changes in the text being displayed in a window by using a screen event. The normal time used to be around 100-300ms but it's now just above 5s. The build used for TP 6.1 is 269.

I can see that the text is actually displaying after the correct and expected amount of time but TestPartner doesn't seem to "notice" this. After about 5 seconds the window flashes once, TP can hook to it and the screen event is returned true. This is just one of the applications being tested from this PC, but when this happens it happens to all the applications being tested. The scripts used to run just fine and had an average runtime of 12 minutes, now its about the double in total and some of the scripts takes 5-10 times as long as they used to take.

Has anyone else have had this problem with TestPartner having huge runtime diffrences in execution time? Also have anyone found a solution?

Things I've tried:
Rebooting the PC
Purging, compacting and repairing the DB
Lowering wait, attach and other timeout values

Thank you!

The first parts of the script runs fine, its the applications being run at the end of the script driver that is being slower than they should be. If those scripts are being run manually they work just fine.