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    Debug window

    I am trying to remember a VBA feature that allowed for a floating "window" that will display when a script is running. Anyone know what I am talking about?

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    Re: Debug window

    'Watches' window ? You can watch the value of the expression during the execution in this window.. Is this window are you talking about?

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    Re: Debug window

    No, it is a programming feature, external of the IDE.

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    Re: Debug window

    If you launch a script with a batch file you'll get the dos console.

    You can also add code to display our own window. I do this. Code is at work. I can post it for you tomorrow. I refuse to work weekends [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Debug window

    If possible can you please post that code on this forum.


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    Re: Debug window

    Try these two:

    EditBox("Index=1").Type "foobarsomething"

    MsgBox "message"

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    Re: Debug window

    Put this in a shared module. You can call it anywhere and pass in the message to display. Pass in 1 to make the background red or 2 for pass makes it green. Anything else makes it white.

    Sub DisplayMsg(sMessageIn As String, iResultIn As Integer)

    Set txtPanel = TextPanel(sMessageIn, 0, 900, 700, 25)

    ' set for ground color
    txtPanel.ForegroundColor = RGB(0, 0, 0)

    ' if error make backgroud red, else if pass make it green, else make it white
    If 1 = iResultIn Then
    txtPanel.BackgroundColor = RGB(255, 0, 0)
    ElseIf 2 = iResultIn Then
    txtPanel.BackgroundColor = RGB(173, 255, 47)
    txtPanel.BackgroundColor = RGB(245, 245, 220)
    End If

    ' show the panel

    End Sub

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    Re: Debug window

    Yes! TTextPanel! Thanks so much!

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    Re: Debug window

    hi rjc

    i have tried your code but txtPanel.Show is not working, I do not get property option 'show' and when i run my script the panel is not displayed.
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    Re: Debug window

    Hi, sorry for the delayed reply.

    The reference TextPanel uses is Microsoft XML, v3.0. Open the script with the code in it. Go to Tools->References in the menu. Check the reference Microsoft XML, v3.0. Click ok to close the form. Then it would work.

    Hope this helps.




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