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    Error in calling test script from visual test

    I have created a visual test, and a test script, both in Project A. The test script is called from the visual test. However, during playback, there was an error message:
    "Playback error:
    Failure occurred while trying to access Test script
    User X has 'Read Only' access to the Common project. Assets within this project cannot be played back by users with 'Read Only' access."

    In actual fact, User X has full access only to Project A, and "read only" access to Common. However, I thought Test Script can be called from Visual Test, as long as they are both in the same project?

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    Re: Error in calling test script from visual test

    I think the problem is that test scripts inherrit shared modules from the Common project and since the user has read only permissions to Common it cannot execute the script even though it is located in a different project.



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