We are supposed to test an application with both firefox(FF) and IE as well using tp 6.1

Currently we have a key word driven framework where in I take all the obects of the html browser and their names. I put all the names in my datasheet and correspondingly the values for each field. I wanted to use the same approach for the firefox browser. Even it is identified as mozilla browser, window and mozilla objects. Is there any setting in tp where in the objects should be identified as html objects instead of mozilla objects. so that i can reuse the same script by only substituting the mozilla window and the browser with the IE window and the browser. Bcoz i use this two in only selective places. even if i try to use the same approach which i use for the html browser it doesnt seem to work. Bcoz i couldnt find a way to find all the objects that are in a mozilla browser dynamically like how i do for an IE browser.