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    tpexport problem

    I need to export all testscripts from my projects, but it isn't working, can someone help me.

    here is the cmd line i set for exporting all testscripts from one project. i read some threads and the tpexport help file, but i didn't get it. i need the cmd line command, caus i can't use the gui

    tpexport -u admin -p admin -d database -mn test.xml -rr report.txt -mt f -prj "Project.Test-script"

    what is wrong with this command ?

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    Re: tpexport problem

    solved it

    tpexport -u admin -p admin -d database -mn test.xml -rr report.txt -mt f -prj "Project.script"

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    Re: tpexport problem

    Don't forget the -ex otherwise the command does not [ex]ecute.



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