I am trying to retrieve Backcolor of a panel. I tried these codes but they throw Type mismatch error.

MsgBox DotNETPanel("panelName").Object.Backcolor
MsgBox DotNETPanel("panelName").Object.Backcolor.Name
MsgBox DotNETPanel("panelName").Object.Backcolor.R
MsgBox DotNETPanel("panelName").Object.Backcolor.G
MsgBox DotNETPanel("panelName").Object.Backcolor.B

I also tried with

MsgBox GUIObject("panelName").Object.Backcolor

so on with no luck, but I need to just get that..

The property check could be a help, but I need to note them down alone, its a kind of semi automation. I use TestPartner 6.0

Your thoughts and suggestions might be helpful.