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    Support for 64bit OS

    It seems TestPartner version 6.1 only supports 32 bit versions of windows - has anyone tried it on the 64bit versions of:

    - Vista
    - Windows Server 2003

    We get problems installing TestPartner on this OS's.


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    Re: Support for 64bit OS

    What did compuware tech support say? Their response would be useful to all who read these forums.

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    Re: Support for 64bit OS

    I received the following install blocker circumvention procedure from Compuware that is said to at least permit the installation of TestPartner on a 64bit Vista machine. Steps on editing the Windows Installer package TestPartner.msi):
    1. Download Orca
    2. Install Orca (I installed using the complete setup type)
    3. Backup the Windows Installer package
    4. Using Orca, open the Windows Installer package
    5. Do a search for “ERR_64BIT” (Should be 4 tables that contain this action)
    6. Drop the rows that contain this action from each table found
    7. Save the Windows Installer package

    But please note:

    64 Bit Environments still not supported an nobody of the support and development team have tested it.

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    Re: Support for 64bit OS

    I'd like to correct that statement a bit: We have had some of our internal teams use TestPartner successfully to test 32-bit apps on 64-bit Windows platforms. If you encounter issues testing 32-bit apps on 64-bit Windows, our support team should work with you to investigate and understand the issue.
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    Re: Support for 64bit OS

    Hiya Jim

    But when can we test 64bit apps on 64bit windows platforms using test partner



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