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    Help with self adjustment please

    Hey guys,
    Part of whjat I use QARun for is running internet insurance quotes using an access database. I need the quotes to run as new each time so the same name is never enterted twice. I would like QARun to self adjust the surname by one letter and write back to access. Can anyone offer some help on how to do this please.
    Thanks in advance guys

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    Re: Help with self adjustment please

    Use a combination of the ASC() and CHR() functions.

    Assuming you are wanting to change an existing character, say the last one, then use a Length() and FindStr() combination to get the character, convert it to ANSI using the ASC function, increase or decrease by 1 (within the number range for the characters you want to use) then use the CHR function to turn it back to a character and use a function like OverlayStr() to replace the character.
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