Hi All,
I am trying to use compuware QARun to identify comment box which uses html tag <TextArea>. Our Application is developed in Java and we are using QA Run with Windows XP operating system. Here is the real problem.

" Everytime when I rerun my automated script it is not able to recoginze Editbox which is developed to enter comments before saving the record. The problem is Runtime name is different. For example, when I run it first time name of that object is "content:beneficiaryReviewForm:_id446_0:beneCommen ts2". Next time when I rerun it and if that record has at least 1 comment saved before the same object name will be changed to "content:beneficiaryReviewForm:_id446_1:beneCommen ts2".

I have tried everything including use of all windows controls like "EditFind" and Control labels etc..but script is failing when it comes to that comment box. Any idea, suggestions ??? We are having a tiet deadline to complete this script.

Thanks in Adavance