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    qarun couldn\'t learn web sites

    I'm a new learner of QARun and am testing some web application with QARun.
    My question is:
    Why sometimes QARun couldn't learn scripts on Windows Virtual PC with Windows XP 32bit installed?
    I tried Google search for "hello", sometimes QARun could learn the searching process while sometimes cannot.
    Have you met same issue before? Could you help figure out?
    Many thanks in advance!!!!

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    Re: qarun couldn\'t learn web sites

    Lunar: is QARun certified for XP?

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    Re: qarun couldn\'t learn web sites

    Just to answer that DSquared, Yes. QARun 04.09 or later should work on XP

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    Re: qarun couldn\'t learn web sites

    Not sure that Windows Virtual PC was ever tested with QARun but what version of IE are you using inside the virtual machine? Might be a better fit for TestPartner if you can get your hands on a copy.



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