Hi folks.

Yes I've done a search on this forum for all Error handling stuff, but nothing relevant yet.

I am building TestObjects using the ClassModule.
Each screen gets one. I build types as TestData, Methods for populating, then the methods for executing these TestObjects are called from a script file.

What I want to do is build Error handling into each of these TestObjects, handling specific errors for each, then use a generic Error Module to report the Errors as they occur. One specific problem I want to tackle is if a control is not present when the screen loads, handle the error, report it, and continue until a check fails in the test, report a testcase failure, then continue with the next test.

Has anyone tried implement something like this before?

The main reasoning behind this approach is that there are several types of the same screen, each derived from a base screen CLASS, using similar but slightly different screens and test data. If a screen has an issue, I want to use a generic error handler but extend it if needed.

I don't want to have to put error handling code in each method, but at the bottom of each CLASS module.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance,