Hello everybody,

I'm a newbie so you might have to bear with me on some things.

I am trying to use CaptureBox() with MSIE6 and started using XP with SP2. When it didn't work at all, I checked these forums and read what people had said about the 2000-XP transition, so I had 2000 installed on the PC I am using.

I have checked my scripts on other PCs in the office and have found that exactly the same script, logged on as me, all settings the same works.

Imagine my surprise when after loading up my nice new W2000, my scripts didn't work!!

So, I used my machine with other monitors and it worked, leading me to believe that the problem is a hardware one.

However, on my machine, 2000 was installed on top of XP, albeit on a different partition, whereas the other machines I tested on has 2000 before XP.

Could this be the root of my problem?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as everyone is flumoxed to say the least.