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    UserControl recognition in QARun

    Please bear with me on this - I am VERY new to QARun :-)
    Firstly, I am using version 4.8.0 - don't know how much difference this makes but work will not upgrade to a newer version, so I stuck with it.

    I am trying to port a set of qarun scripts to a new machine. However all of the scripts have stopped working. I am having to relearn a lot of the ID's which is not a problem.

    The problem I am experiencing is that all of the UserControls used within the automated application are being recognised as "Generic in QARun. I have attempted to use Alias Mapping to no avail (determining the ClassName by using Spy++).

    These controls are recognised fine on the original machine, as all of the scripts worked with no problems, so my guess is that this is something environmental - but has anyone got any ideas what?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: UserControl recognition in QARun

    If you are simply portin gover the scripts from one QARun database to a new one, you are missing some pieces. All the items in the object map have to be ported over also.

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    Re: UserControl recognition in QARun

    I have spoken to tech. support over this issue and it seems that it is due to WinXP SP2. So I will install Win2000 and try again - thanks for your reply though...



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