Hi all...
This is a pdf explaining some of the advantages of TestPartner of QARun, and some of the features to help you use your existing assets.

TestPartner will eventually have all of environments supported that QARun has, and currently the only one of significance is Oracle... though TP does a decent job on oracle, because its really just a flavor of Java.

Though there is not a magic "convert my scripts button", scripts can be played by QAR and captured by TestPartner, and much of the code can by cut and pasted, then tweaked with find/replace. There is also a free command builder utility that allows you to look up an QARun command, and it will tell you the equivalent TestPartner command.

In general, TestPartner is a much more powerful, flexible tool, with the full power of Microsoft VBA language and scripting environment (debugging, abilty to add references, VB help, etc). It will very rarely "hit the functionality wall" as you may have found along the way with QARun. QARun will eventually move to a maintainance only mode... and all new updates and enhancements will be made to TestPartner.

Currently Compuware is offering an extremely discontented rate to change your licenses over if you are current on your QARun maintainance. Its worth checking out!

Good Luck!

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