I have 10 rows and 2 column in my java application. The Second column in my table is all combo box. I selected an item in the (5,2) (row, col) of my table and in my next line of script should select same row but column should be 1 not 2. Below is my script example. Please guide me what should I put in place of "???". (below script)

The trickest part in below example is that, Whereever I found "NO" item in my second column, my script should select the same row but column should be 1.

Attach "MainWindow"
TableSelect( "~1" , "NO" , 2 , 'left DoubleClick' )
;Found 4th combobox which has "NO" item first

ComboBox "ComboBox~4", "SALE", 'Left DoubleClick'
;What should I put here in "???" place where the row changes dynamically.
TableSelect "~1", "????", 1, 'Left SingleClick'