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    Database version 126 vs version 125

    Hi all

    When I had to run a script (created on an NT PC) on another windows operating system like Windows 2000 or XP I got/get the following error:

    "The database 'xxxx' is at version 126. The software requires a database at version 125. The database cannot be used until it has been converted. Run the Database Maintenance Program to convert......"

    I then proceeded to do the conversion of the database to the correct version, but the 'Convert Now' button remains disabled no matter what I try.

    Desperate and willing to try anything, I made a copy of the database and went into the copy using Microsoft Access and I deleted the 126th record from the QR_DTLVERSION table and also proceeded to update the SCHEMA_VERSION value from 126 to 125 in the QR_DTLSYSTEM table.

    This copy database opened successfully on QARun, but I'm wondering if there isn't another safer way of solving that problem and if I haven't caused other problems by 'butchering' the database. My original still obviously has the problem and I don't want to try anything 'dangerous' on it without some advice first.


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    Re: Database version 126 vs version 125

    Sounds like you've got different versions of QARun installed on the various PC's in your environment. If all the machines do have the same version of QAR, you should contact compuware tech support before you start "butchering" the database



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