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    Re: Connecting -- Oracle DB for Scripts

    Use the QARun Database Maintenance utility which will allow you to copy a QAR database from one platform to another. I'm not sure ir it overwrite or append on subsequent copies, so make sure you test things out first.

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    Connecting -- Oracle DB for Scripts


    I'm working on QARun 4.9 for a web based application. Presently, we have Access Database (more than one) for our QA scripts. We are planning to move to a central repository for these scripts. We, now, have a schema on our Oracle DB. Our Problem is how to transfer the scripts in the Access database to this schema, how to access them in order to Run them.

    The other question is, presently we have about ten and more Access Databases depending on our application. Once in Oracle, how do we create multiple Databases like above in the same schema.
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    Re: Connecting -- Oracle DB for Scripts

    Thank you so much, Smeagol. Will try this out and get back!

    Thanks a Bunch,
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