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Thread: QARun Docs !

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    QARun Docs !

    Hiii all ,
    can anyone please send me some documents on QARun ,QALoad .Like how the application looks like,its features e.t.c.Or atleast give me some info of these tools .I know how to use winrunner ,loadrunner ,but iam new to compuware tools ,I tried www.compuware.com ,but there isnt much info there ,
    I would really appreciate if u help me ,
    thank u ,
    chris(my mail id == batmaneagles@yahoo.com )

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    Re: QARun Docs !

    If you contact your local compuware office, they will either give you an evaluation copy or do a proof of concept demo for you. QARun works well in an evaluation mode. QALoad is much more complex and does not show well in a do-it-yourself demo mode. You really need someone who knows how to set it up for your particular protocol (www, winsock, oracle forms, etc) to really show it's capabilities.



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