I had recently moved to QA Team in a banking environment and assigned with Automated testing using Compuware's QA Run.

Our application is running on AIX/RM COBOL, character based front end.Driver Scripts and test scripts are already existing for testing.

Taking over I need to do the following

1. Create a test cases repository where i could change the values and generate the csv file for test data input.Currently, we need to open each and every test data file to modify some of the field values, for example the value date which tends to vary with respect to the data set we receive for testing. Please suggest which option is better for the repository, Excel, Access Database or Oracle

2. How do i synchronize the test input to terminal emulator ? Could it be automated to dynamically change the speed to inputting data?. Now we change the no of pauses introduced every time we find the machine is varying.

3. Any suggestions on extracting summary of error information from the huge dumps of log created during the run .

thanks a lot