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    Re: selecting a line of text on an html page

    I have found by in the FindStr function use CHR(10) or CHR(13) - Which are carriage return and line feed. Putting this into a while loop and continue searching for the CHR(13) or the CHR(11) in a position after the FindStr found the previous.

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    selecting a line of text on an html page

    noticed the subject says 'line of text' instead of row of text.....

    I have a page that I am trying to navigate through. If the page were a grocery list and the list contained the following:

    Whole Milk
    2% Milk
    Chocolate Milk

    ...and I only wanted the last line 'Milk'. How would you write your QARun code to find this last line?

    The way I have tried to do is use the FIND (ON THIS PAGE) function under the EDIT menu in IE to help find the text. However, what happens is that the first instance is found (in this case, the word 'Milk' in 'Whole Milk' is highlighted.) No way of knowing how to highlight the whole line to make sure that is the only word on the row.

    Downside is that QARun doesn't know what a line is or a row is since this page is static text and not a table (oh joy). Also, there is no way while in the browser to expand the selected text by using shift right/left arrow like you can do in MS Word.

    Any ideas on a way QARun could do the above would be greatly appreciated....


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    Re: selecting a line of text on an html page

    Did you think of using the Search option Ctrl-F of your browserwindow? It could be a very simple sollution.

    I find that sometimes the application you are testing has functions that can help you better than any QA Run commando ;o)

    Softwaretesters... always looking for trouble!



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