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    Runawl.exe error and parameters

    Anybody know Runawl.exe parameters? We have a bunch of scripts in an Access database and we want to run some of them from the commandline. If a script is called Script1 and I want to run it in the command prompt, I type the following:

    runawl Script1

    After that the loginscreen for the database pops up. I type in my pass, but nothing happens after it. Runawl just isn't started anymore

    I tried running it, with the following syntax:

    runawl "Script1"

    But then Runawl says Illegal Character after I login and nothing happens.

    Can somebody give me the correct way to start scripts that are located in an Access database from the commandline?

    Thanks in advance
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    Re: Runawl.exe error and parameters

    Hi Tonni,
    here is how we call runawl:

    RUNAWL.EXE -user:'Global,UserCode,Userpassword' -runenv:'Default' "Scriptname" "param1" "param 2" "param ..n"

    you have to put in your own 'UserCode', 'Userpassword', 'scriptname' and the eventual parameters that the script might need
    Instead of 'Default' put your runenvironment


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    Re: Runawl.exe error and parameters

    Would some one ko how I can start it from a .vbs file?
    The problem I encounter is when double quotes are involved in the actual call in the .vbs file
    Set WinShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
    WinShell.run RUNAWL.EXE -user:'Global,Username,password' -runenv: 'Default' "WC_Driver_Access"



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