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    versionns of QARun

    I needed to know all the versions of QARun from 1998. I tried searching on COmpuware's website but couldnt find it.

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    Re: versionns of QARun

    Good luck! I think we were on 4.4 or something in 98, but not sure at all. Up until this year they had at least 4 release per year...

    I'm curious as to why this info. would be useful.

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    Re: versionns of QARun

    "Up until this year they had at least 4 release per year..."

    He he. I can remember shipping 4 versions in one week when I worked there......

    1998? Wow, you're talking about back to 4.3.2 build 106 days there.

    The 16 bit version was still on the streets and holding it's own in Europe.

    Ah, memories.

    Good luck with your hunt.




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