I have been using QA-Run to test MainFrame (CUI) applications. I knew enough to avoid Capture/Playback when using QA-Run...creating common re-usable routines to execute my test-cases.

I am not a GUI person, so do not know where to start when it comes to creating re-usable rountines that involve GUI/Windows type applications. Can anybody furnish me with any GUI QA-Run common rountines that they are successfully using?

I have worked with QA-Run enough on the CUI side, so that if I can get many examples of GUI navigation scripts, I think I can get started on some GUI QA-Run applications.

QA-Run does allow export of Scripts into a text file, something I do anyway for back-ups, so if anybody would like to help a Mainframe Cobol Programmer get started in the world of QA-Run GUI...would appreciate it!

If this is an out-of-line request, please let me know...do not want to step on any propriety issues.

P.S. If there are any Web-sites/Links that would solve my request, that would be fine also.

P.S.S Will be attending the Automation Software Expo in Boston Sept 24-27, so if anybody has anything that would like to share on Disk...can always meet you there!