I am working with a series of age-based tests where the relevant test data has even increasing intervals between datapoints. Basically, an exponential progression would work quite nicely for what I'm doing.

I'm trying to build a function that will allow by to return a value from three inputs:

* the iteration of the test being run
* the exponent that I want to use
* a numeric constant

I have had success with the concept by simply running with

RET = (Iteration*(Iteration*Constant);

what I would really like to do is something along the lines of

RET = (Iteration^Exponent)*(Constant).

The ^ symbol is reserved for a boolean NOT operator.

The manual indicates that <value>E+<exponent> works for constants, but I have not yet found a way to pass in variables.

RET = ((Iteration)E+(exponent))*(Constant)

gives me a warning that 'e' has not been declared (which I should have expected).

I have also experimented with building a string of (iteration* s for each exponential increase. I have not yet had much luck with that, and it obviously would not work with fractional exponents.

Has anyone worked with variable-based exponenets in QARun?