We have a GUI app for a financial information system. It has window-like forms with "To" - "From" sections allowing movement of funds from one account to another etc. To expedite completion of the forms users can select an existing accounting line and press a Copy button. This action inserts a new accounting line on the form and copies in the data from the original line. Users can then modify one or more fields on the copied line.

The script problem is when it enters new data on the copied line, a new account number for example, and it tabs out of the field, it recaptures the data from the original line. This does not happen in the app.

I had this problem once before. I think I fixed it by simply selecting the field before entering the new data. But that doesn't seem to work in this case.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Our application is written in Uniface, running on WinNT.

I have submitted this question to QARun tech support as well as publishing it here.

University of California at Davis

Brooks Wright