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    QA Run testing Delphi App.

    Does anyone have any experience with testing any Delphi Apps with QA Run? I have some questions and have run into some quirky problems. Any help would be appreciated. I will go more into detail if someone is familiar with Delphi apps.

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    Re: QA Run testing Delphi App.

    We've used QARun with Delphi 1,4 and 5.
    Whats the problem?


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    Re: QA Run testing Delphi App.


    Thanks for the quick reply. We are using Delphi 5 here. I have taught myself QA Run, when I started here there was no one who knew the software.
    I have used aliasing for controls, and object maps. In some spots I have had to use image maps or textselects. My question is, that periodically, I will have my objects not relate to the object map. Then they will work again later on, with no changes being made. This is not a problem I can narrow down to one object type or form. I cannot tell why this happens. I do know how to compare items and sometimes I see my problem, but other times it doesn't seem to be any difference. Is this a quirk in QA Run? Or is this possibly something in my software?
    Second problem is that periodically, I will run into a situation where I will have to repeat a command for it to take effect. This has occured on both a TextSelect and a Button command. The cursor would position itself over the control but would not 'click' on it. If, however, I repeated the whole line of code, it would position itself and click the control. Yet, manually I only had to single click this control. And it should only be a single click control.
    I appreciate any help you can give me. I am also on ICQ # 109706139.

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    Re: QA Run testing Delphi App.

    If you're having troubles with Object Map entries not working, try relearning the Object Map into a dummy script and then browse to the Object Map itself.

    Find your original Object Map entry and then find the newly learned Map entry. Highlight both of these rows in the Object Map table (by using the control key) and choose to view the Object Map differences from the Tools menu (I think)... or just click the 4th button from the left on the toolbar.

    This will show you both entries next to each other and you can then see what properties of the control in question has changed.

    If you end up with the same Object Map entry in your newly recorded script, there's a problem with the QARun software. (I've seen both issues before)

    I've also run across your second problem in my test lab...

    "...This has occured on both a TextSelect and a Button command. The cursor would position itself over the control but would not 'click' on it."

    I had to place a SetFocus Command on the windows Desktop to get my scripts to work. I think it's a problem with the QARun software.

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    Re: QA Run testing Delphi App.


    Thanks for the help! I am familiar with comparing the objects to see the changes made. Sometimes it changes, and then changes back. I am not sure why. Usually, I can manage to make those work by ignoring the item that changes. However, some of the items are exact duplicates, and yet do not relate. You said it is a problem with the QA Run software... is there a fix for this?
    Also, you mention the second problem is cleared up with a Set Focus command, do I set focus on the control, or the window? These are not usually the first commands in the script, so the window should be in focus for the script, since it has been running on it, I would think.
    Thanks again for the help!

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    Re: QA Run testing Delphi App.

    First problem: "is there a fix for this?"

    No idea... my guess would be "No!"

    Second problem: "...is cleared up with a Set Focus command, do I set focus on the control, or the window?"

    Neither... I had a script that would select a value from a ListBox and then would press a delete button to remove it from the list. (Both controls were on the same form)

    The tool was able to click the ListBox value just fine, but it would not click the delete button (like you stated, it would move the cursor there, but it wouldn't click).

    I had to place a SetFocus( "Windows Desktop" ) command into my script between the ListBox command and the button Command and then a new Attach statement to my AUT.

    (What really frustrates me is that since I have a workaround for this issue, CPWR support tried to close the call without ever truely addressing the problem within their product.)

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    Re: QA Run testing Delphi App.

    I have had many not-so-resolved issues with CPWR since I started here 4 months ago. I have taught myself the software, since no one here knew anything about it. I have also had their support techs take over a month to respond to an issue. Of course I didn't wait for them, I found a work-around myself. Thanks for the help. I appreciate it greatly!



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