Hi everyone. This morning I received in my hands a WinSock script generated by QA Load application. I must say that i've never worked with this tool before, I've just been asked for help at work because of my knowledge in C language.
The original problem was that the script was generating TIMEOUT errors in several DO_WSK_Expect calls. Eventually we managed to undestand what the problem was. It turned out that the application was responding errors everywhere since the script was sending a hard-coded session id in every HTTP POST request (i guess it was sending the session id that it was used when the script was saving the interact). Somehow I manged to save the session id in a variable so the session id that is send back to the application would be the correct one. But, here is my problem: the script has too many HTTP POST that includes the session id hard-coded, so changing the script is really hard work. Iam sure there's a better way of doing this since every application that has some functionality must rely on sessions to work. So, here is my question: Does QA Load supports managing dynamic sessions? Thanks in advance,